Energy Sector Impact

Count on Ossy International to provide drilling engineers and contractors to your upstream project.

  • Our automated workflows streamline processes efficiently—from recruiting and background checks to contract execution, rate and time tracking, invoicing and even payment.
  • We help our oil and gas clients adhere to safety and compliance regulations, using proprietary technology that alerts clients and our team when the hierarchy of controls slips from the most effective stage.
  • Critical to the oil and gas industry, our commitment to safety and compliance is integral to our company culture.

Ossy International works with pipeline and trucking companies in need of dispatchers, schedulers, and drivers to ensure safe, efficient transportation of product to consumers.

  • We embrace modern, robust customer relationship management (CRM) systems to identify contractors and corporate clients that have often been overlooked by other staffing agencies in this industry. Rather than relying solely on people within a constrained sphere of influence, our clients gain a massive network of skilled professionals.
  • Our innovative technology identifies and sources qualified candidates for temporary positions. Plus, our onboarding process allows contractors to hit the ground running, minimizing risks and unnecessary costs.
  • Close adherence to the hierarchy of controls gives our clients and us clear visuals when effectiveness is diminishing, presenting opportunities for optimization.
  • We properly qualify DOT and PHMSA regulated employees.  

From engineers to account managers and site supervisors, Ossy International connects the downstream oil and gas market with seasoned professionals. Our contractors are trained and onboarded by our team, saving our clients valuable time and money.

  • Tap into an extensive network of downstream specialists from around the globe, rather than limiting your recruiting to only the individuals that your team worked with previously.
  • Strengthen your safety and compliance adherence with Ossy International’s technology and culture. Advanced tools notify both our team and yours if processes begin working less effectively, moving down the hierarchy of controls. The ensuing alerts present actionable opportunities to embrace more effective practices that reduce liability risks and downtime.