Temporary staffing agencies face unique risks due to the changeability and lack of supervisory control at client locations where consultants and candidates may be placed. Ossy International, Inc. takes a unique approach in handling risks and exposures by:
• Working with employees and clients to promote safe work practices.
• Carefully screening candidates.
• Fostering a work environment that values and encourages proper training, communication, and reliability for consultants and candidates.
• Instituting and abiding by our own safety policies and procedures.

Safety Matters

Ossy International, Inc believes workplace safety is essential. The company’s safety and onboarding program was developed to prevent workplace injuries. We are committed to maintaining a Zero Injury workplace.

During onboarding of candidates, Ossy provides them with safety policies and procedures with a clear expectation that safety matters. Employees should always follow proper safety workplace policies and procedures.

Ossy supports the use of Stop Work Authority when appropriate to the situation.

Ossy also works closely with clients to ensure the employees are provided with the necessary information pertaining to their assignment, training and proper supervisor is provided.