Placing Promising Talent with Promising Companies.

Skill Requirements

We care about your success.

Ossy International, Inc. understands the importance of both companies and employees eager to find an adequate fit.   We take pride in working to place candidates with companies who are seeking for an employee that seek the experience, background, scheduled and employment duration candidates have selected.

One of the many ways we achieve this successful pairing, is by inviting selected applicants for an interview, skill assessment and qualification review with our employment specialists.

Backgrounds, safety qualifications and employment verifications are conducted so we can further ensure providing a great placement and onboarding experience for companies and employees.


We provide health benefits, worker’s compensation, and other employment benefits.
We pair companies and talent with the same expectations in mind. We go above and beyond to locating the right fit for you.
We provide weekly payroll options.
We factor your career goals and projections to help you achieve your personal career goals gained through experience and qualifications when locating a position for you.


No hassle timesheet submission.
Daily Safety Awareness reminders. Optional, private health tracker.
Company applications are automated and user friendly.
A company representative is available when needed.