Turtle Cares


Shecky Ray is the chairman and founder of Turtle Cares, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the environmental ambiance of Houston schools, where 78.45 percent of students are economically disadvantaged. 

Turtle Cares believes no one views the world as bright or as pretty as a child. Despite harsh realities, children think and dream the way an adult never will — resolute and full of hope. While innocence makes children vulnerable, it’s the very same quality that makes them so strong. In spite of the woes that befall us in life, a glimmer of hope always sparkles in the eyes a child.

At times it may seem as though there is nothing that you can do to bring color into the world, but there is. Invest in our children, invest in improving their learning environment.

It is said that if you ever wish to see a rainbow, ask one who can see it in spite of the the rain.